Passionate about venturing into new arenas of the natural cures, Dr. Umesh Choudhary made up his mind to start something exclusive in alternate medicine and hence The Medinova Retreat was born.

"I am happy to see a good number of people trying out Ayurveda as a healing option in the last ten years. Many patients visit me for various treatments, and sometimes for mere information gathering. Their faith in alternative sciences is obvious from prompt queries and instantly opting for such treatments". He suggests, "It's time we look at the bigger picture. I aim at treating the body and not the symptom. The disease goes away easily this way. Also, a good diet and lifestyle can prevent many chronic problems. Our health is in our hands, it is with us - to make it or ruin it. Knowledge is the name of the game. The more awareness we gather, the healthier we will be". The successful man is one who uses his imagination, thinks ahead and creates his mental picture in all its details, filling in here, adding a little there, altering this a bit and that a bit, but steadily building. Dr. Umesh Choudhary has done just that. He took up one idea. Made that one idea his life – thought of it, dreamt of it, lived on that idea. Yes, there were challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. But he made through them all. With each step he took, he grew stronger and stronger, more skilled, more self-confident and successful.

Medinova Profile

Health is not the absence of disease but the total state of wellbeing social, physical & mental. Medinova, a world class centre that offers all kind of alternative healing techniques.

An enviable panel of trained doctors bring their cumulative knowledge at service. Uniqueness of the centre lies in its all round scientific & holistic approach to health & reverence to all life forms.


Medinova was established in 1997 with an aim to provide an integrated & excellent health care & rehabilitation to all chronically ill patients through multidisciplinary approach by providing different therapies under one proof Medinova looked at health care business as service oriented business & need constant up gradation & now it is blooming. In this new age doctor believes in ultramodern set up & this is evident in every facet of the Medinova Retreat.

We Work On

Arthritis, joint pain, Back-ache, Spondolytis-cervical and lumber, Rheumatism, Auto-Immune disorder, GI disease, Paralysis, Ankylosing spondolytis, Gout Sciatica, Hemiplegia Nervous disorder, Vitiligo, Dermatitis, Migraine, sinusitis, Amoebiasis, Hyperacidity, Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, IBS, Chronic Skin disease-eczema, Myopia, Sinusitis, Bronchial Asthma, Adbominal disorders (Ulcers, Hyperacidity, Amoebiasis, Dysentery, Colitis, Chronic Consitipation, Gastritis) Hepatitis, Menstrual Disorders, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), High Uric acid (Hyper uricaemia) High Cholesterol (Hyper Cholesterolaemia), Eosinophilia. Calcaneal Spur, Insomnia, Anxiety Neurosis, Allergic Rhinitis, Anaemia, (Haemoglobin level less than 8 gm/100ml) Hypothyroidism, Hypotension, Hiatus Hernia Refractive Error, Sleep Apnoea and Stable Heart Cases & Obesity.


  • To develop international chains.
  • To develop world class hospital, rehabilitation centre, Research & training centers.
  • To develop wellness health resort & medical tourism.
  • To develop a world class spa & anti-ageing therapy center.


Medinova has been treating thousands of pt. successfully since 20 yr. with excellent therapies & expert teamwork & now has proven a successful brand name in central India. Medinova is treating so many chronic disease successfully & is capable to expand it services every where.


In 1997 Medinova was a small centre, treating selected disease. Now with in a decade it has it's own campus of 8000 sq.feet and running successfully . Medinova is providing a standarise rehab program for the uncurable disease, so the patients can lead a near normal healthy life. It is the only such type of unique centre in central India, developing unique rehab therapies to cure chronic & uncurable disease with the unique formulation of medicine & therapies which are not available anywhere else in the world.